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Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles

Johnny Depp is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors of our time. Well known for his ability to take on unique and challenging roles, Johnny nails the character he’s tasked with playing. While doing so obviously takes considerable talent, it also takes the right look. Just as many of Johnny’s characters have become iconic, so have many of his hairstyles from the roles. Whether it’s Donny Brasco’s slicked-back short hair or the loose waves of George Young, Johnny Depp’s hairstyles have become as popular as his movies. Here’s how you can rock Johnny’s best hairstyles with star-worthy swagger.

Johnny Depp Public Enemies Hairstyle

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles
When Johnny Depp played American gangster John Dillinger in Public Enemies he ultimately brought a classic prohibition era hairstyle in the 21st century. The vintage cut is now again in a style and a great selection for men. Very long at the front, the style graduates with smooth-layering-how it goes toward the back of the head. The hair is then rejuvenated around the back and sides of the skin and held for a bit longer at the temples. Best suited for straight or wavy hair, this faded cut can also look great, like a modern undercut.

Like style-the public enemies hairstyle

  • Blow dry hair back with a comb and a little wax.
  • Create a lightweight off-center part.
  • Add a high-shine pomade to the top of your hair and style as desired.
  • Finish with a light spray of hair spray.

Johnny Depp blow hairstyle

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles
Blow were also set in the ’70s, but Johnny Depp’s hair in the film is just as stylish today as it would have been back then. As current years have moved back towards longer hair for men, George Jung, Loose bohemian waves that are coming back into fashion once more. The relaxed look has a great “surfer” vibe and is perfect for guys with naturally wavy mane.

Like style of blow hairstyle

  • Apply mousse on damp hair.
  • Allow hair to air dry or blow dry with a cool setting to avoid curling.
  • Finish by working a little dull tone through the hair.

Johnny Depp Cry Baby Hairstyle

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles
Reminiscent of Elvis and John Travolta’s character in Grease, Danny Zuko, the Cry Baby Hairstyle is a classic rock-and-roll look. While Johnny Depp may have worn it in a fictitious 1950s, this rockabilly-awesome one, can still be worn today with some modern customizations. How about opting for a bland on the sides, or creating a messy mad at the top? You can even try to take this style with short hair for a super subtle.

How to Style the Scream Baby Hairstyle

  • Wash hair and dry.
  • Blow dry hair while combing backwards and directing the roots upwards.
  • Once hair is 50% dry, use your hands to work a small amount of pomade through from roots to ends.
  • Blow dry hair completely and pomade again until the desired quiff is reached at the top.
  • Comb the sides back, flattening the hair against the head.
  • Flick a few strands of the front of the head forward.

Johnny Depp Donnie Brasco Hairstyle

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles
Donnie Brasco slicked-back-short hair is an unforgettable look. Although the hairstyle is not as popular as it once was, it can still make you a stylish option if done right. These days the trick is getting your hair right, without exaggerating it in the product department. Even Johnny Depp probably would not have pulled off a headful of greasy hair in 2016.

How to style the Donnie Brasco hairstyle

  • Towel-dry clean hair until hair is moist but not wet.
  • Comb the top and sides of the hair back, all hidden, a natural separation in the process.
  • Work a generous amount of pomade into the hair, starting at the back of the hair.
  • Use any remaining pomade on hands to evenly coat the hair from roots to ends.
  • Comb through the hair again, pulling from front to back and behind the comb with the other hand to keep it all smooth.
  • Use of hands to complete style as desired.

Johnny Depp Chocolat hairstyle

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles
When Johnny played the river-traveler, Roux in “Chocolat” he drew the perfect bohemian hairstyle. His long hair tethered in a dirty, low ponytail offered just the right amount of casual-cool attitude. Although men ponytails fluctuate constantly, in and out of style, the unique look can always be demolished, with the right personality. Take only Chris Hemsworth is currently looking for example.

How to style the hairstyle Chocolat

  • The key to peeling off this style is not with a paintbrush.
  • Instead, use your hands to comb your hair back before securing with an elastic in a low ponytail.
  • Finish by pulling out or loosening pieces of hair from the ponytail to achieve the perfect messy look.

Johnny Depp The tourist hairstyle

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles
A chin-length, male “bob” may not sound like a particularly stylish haircut, but Johnny proves in The Tourist that it’s just that. This stylish messy look is best suited for men who like having natural waves and thick hair. Although it may take about a year to grow to length this short fiber, this alternative style offers a youthful and robust appeal that ladies are sure to love.

Like style of tourist hairstyle

  • Wash hair in cool or cold water, pushing all the hair back.
  • Towel dry hair, keep your head over and scrunching / squeezing strands. This will help to add volume and maintain your natural wave without causing frizz.
  • Use hands or a comb to create an off-center part.
  • Spray hair with a little salt and let it dry naturally.

Johnny Depp What Does Gilbert Grape Hairstyle Eat?

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles
Johnny Depp hairstyle in what eats Gilbert Grape not only looked great, but is also capable of his character and perfectly represented at the time. The definitive ’90s style featured a long mane of course textured waves. A key look for guys of the grunge movement, this messy look is both casual and nonchalant. Like everything, 90s, this hairstyle is once again the most popular and trending. Try it yourself by putting in some layers to create extra texture.

Like Style Of What Eats Gilbert Grape Hairstyle

  • Do not wash your hair more than a few times a week to allow natural oils.
  • Part hair on the side or in the middle. Alternatively, sweep all the hair back.
  • Apply a small amount of mousse to the hair on volume add.
  • If necessary, spray some salt spray on the hair to create texture.

Johnny Depp transcendence hairstyle

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles
When Johnny appeared in science-fiction film, Transcendence, he wore a suitably modern, short, textured, hairstyle. More on the top and shorter on the sides and back, the stylishly chaotic cut is full of texture and layers. Contemporary and cool, Johnny styles this look in a disheveled by pushing some parts back and allowing others to hang forward.

Like style of transcendence hairstyle

  • Blow dryed hair, directing the roots upwards and the strands backwards.
  • Once dry, use a little dull clay or wax to messily style hair, push back some parts and leave others loose.
  • Finish with a very light spray with hair spray to keep the style from falling flat.

Johnny Depp, Finding Neverland Hairstyle

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles
In the 2004 film Finding Neverland, Johnny Depp rocked a vintage, combed-back, split, style. Then, last year, Johnny debuted the same hairstyle once more, this time appear in Mortdecai. This 1920’s classic look is all about the sophisticated and polite style and, although almost 100 years old, can still look great today. To get that look in 2016, just add some more texture and make the part less severe.

How to Style the Neverland Hairstyle

  • Wash your hair and blow dry until just damp.
  • Part hair with a comb and comb each side back and slightly to the side.
  • Hair is ready to blow dry, being careful not to disturb the part.
  • Use hands, smooth, slightly pomade in hair.

Johnny Depp 21 Jump Street Hairstyle

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles
While he might not have been a movie character, Officer Tom Hanson at 21 Jump Street still had some movie star-worthy hair. His signature long side vertex with floppy, swept-back fringe has passed the test of time, moving from an 80s heart-throb style into an elegant, modern look. Once again, with long layers on top with beveled sides and back, this look, Johnny Depp began stringing iconic hairstyles.

Like Style 21 Jump Street Hairstyle

  • Add volumizing lotion to damp hair.
  • Part hair and comb dry with a hair dryer.
  • Finish with some matte tone.

Like rock Johnny Depp's most iconic hairstyles

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