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15 Cool Black Men Haircuts to Try in 2019

15 Cool Black Men Haircuts to Try in 2019

You may think that your hair is too thick, too short or too curly, to do something really new or interesting. You may have found yourself in the habit of asking your barber for the same cut month after month, or maybe just shaving it all off for a quiet life. Whether you want to stick with something tried and tested like the buzz or think outside the box, we’ve put together a comprehensive and inspiring guide to black men haircuts to try in 2019.

The icon, the symbol of the golden era of hip-hop, the box fade brings all kinds of nostalgia. The box fade is back, with some by style, making a big comeback on NBA dishes. You might know it, like the hi-top or flat top. It’s the style that unites sides, the cones down, to a short length with a sharply defined rectangular top. Yep, hence the name. Usually the hairs are about 3-5 inches on the top, though the way you rock it depends on your style and what fits your head. For a less dramatic look, opt for a gradual rejuvenation on the sides with a short, tight top.

2. Afro fade

The Afro-fade is a fun hairstyle for every man able to take it off. In essence, the afro fade includes the beveled sides of the box fade with a tip that grows a bit to the left as it likes.

3. Short part with fade

With such thick hair, the idea of ​​a part may be ridiculous. But the seemingly pointless part of the line can be used as a very conscious design feature in any hairstyle. If your hair is on the thicker, curlier end of the spectrum, have your barber shave a feature ‘part’ line for stylish results. The part of the line acts as a point of asymmetry and adds interest, what else could that be, a standard haircut. With the addition of faded pages, this style is very topical.

4. Pompadour

It is a haircut that is traditionally worn by men, with fine, straight hair. However, this type of cut is also perfect for those with tight curls; You can take the style of tremendous control over the shape of your hair. By designing a great on the front of your hair, you make for a fascinating alternative to the standard box-cut.

5th line up

Rather than allowing your natural hairline to dominate your hair outline, this haircut allows your barber to shave a straight hairline with sharp angles in your hair. Line-ups take the idea of ​​defining your hairline on your neck, on the forehead, and it already looks spectacular. Please note that this cut requires frequent maintenance to make you end up looking as if you have facial hair stubble on your forehead. This style draws attention to your eyes and forehead line.

6. Wave

We can not decide if we love this haircut, or if it’s totally garish. One thing is for sure; It is a style that can only be achieved with the benefit of having thick hair. The style makes your hair a feature in its right. If you decide the waves are for you, it is best to see a hairdresser before. He or she will get your hair to the right before you start the wave process. The look will take a while to appear, and you’ll have a few products to worry about, especially a wave of brush. Talk to your hairdresser for more advice on how to achieve this unique haircut.

7. Curl Hide

For the guys with curls less taut, an undercut or fade with a bit more length on top could prove an interesting choice. Let your curls grow to a longer length on the top, and you have your own style. The juxtaposition between the unrestrained medium length lure and neat, faded sides makes for a unique look.

8. Buzz cut

Another easy option for those who do not want to worry about dealing with difficult hair. The buzz cut is the short, military-inspired hairstyle that’s low maintenance but high impact. As with any super-short haircut, the look becomes more defined on your forehead and face.

9. Buzz Cut With BART

Technically not a haircut that cuts in its own right, but the combination of a buzz and the BART is always a winner for men with thicker hair. For best results, humming your BART down to a length that is in line with your BART. You can achieve the best looks by manicuring your beard shape around the sideburn area and keeping the cheek line consistently tended.

10. Short Everything About
15 Cool Black Men Haircuts to Try in 2019
Simply, everything over for a moment. Cut more than the buzz, this standard short style still recognizes your hair’s curly nature, without it’s always something you need to work with day-to-day. To really make this style your, regular trims are necessary to prevent your hair from appearing untamed.

11. Frohawk
15 Cool Black Men Haircuts to Try in 2019
Although, it’s been a long time, we still love the gladawk sported from Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling. It’s like a reissue of the box-fade, narrower in the middle and rocking with the kind of maverick air that only comes with mohawk styles. This haircut can be either the angle in style, or left to grow more freely. Those who find it tighter to lure you have more control over the shape of your gladawk and opt for a more vivid idea of ​​the cut.

12. Geometric
15 Cool Black Men Haircuts to Try in 2019
This haircut is a different style that takes advantage of thick hair and tight curls. Strong angles define a geometric cut, but there is no steadfast rule as it should look. Your imagination is your guide here. One way is to use the part line (no matter if real or conceited) as a guide to creating a right angle, a part in your hair.

13. Twists With Fade
15 Cool Black Men Haircuts to Try in 2019
This is another combination of style that brings 2016 relevance to the search. Maintain some length on the top and style twists, in the manner described above. On the sides, opt for a length that tapers downwards. The style draws attention to what’s happening upstairs. This haircut is especially good if the hair on top is a little longer and unruly.

14. Short hair with fade
15 Cool Black Men Haircuts to Try in 2019
Clean, fresh and tidy. This haircut keeps the hair from checking for length before you can take it on a life of its own. He takes his clues from the bland haircuts that are now trend. For extra striking results, combine the fade with the facial hair; the separate length ensures an attractive and eye-catching aesthetic.

15. Clean shave
15 Cool Black Men Haircuts to Try in 2019
It’s the easiest way, sure, but it can look great and be fresh on your right breast. Not only the killer solution for receding hairline, a clean shave, can only look great on your head. The look sends a bold message of confidence in your style. Keep in mind, if your hair is particularly rough, you may be prone to razor burn. Ideally, you should avoid the shave with wet hair, a moisturizing shave oil and decent shaving cream that bumps. And always remember to shave with the grain.

15 Cool Black Men Haircuts to Try in 2019

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